Vehicle Motability Products

Boot Wheelchair/Scooter Hoists

These can be fitted to the boot area of many vehicles, they come in varying sizes depending on the weight of the mobility vehicle which is to be lifted. These hoists will enable the user to lift either a manual wheelchair or mobility scooter into the rear of a car with minimal physical effort, allowing the user to have more independence.

40kg Mini-hoist is the smallest of the range and is designed to lift manual wheelchairs primarily but can also be used to lift very small scooters. The hoist will fit into most estate, hatchback, MPV or 4x4 and in many cases the wheelchair or scooter can be lifted in one piece to allow ease of use.

Each hoist has a specific mounting frame for the vehicle it is fitted to and can be transferred by purchasing a new mounting frame and fitting kit.

80kg Mini-hoist is of a similar design to the 40kg hoist but has an upgraded motor which enables it to lift manual wheelchairs with power assist wheels and power packs and will also lift scooters or powerchairs that weigh up to 80kg.

Many wheelchairs or scooters can be lifted into the vehicle in one piece without the need for removing batteries or ancillaries.

100/150kg mini-hoists are the most popular hoists in the range. With a solid lifting arm rather than a strap for attaching the scooter they are ideal for lifting a more everyday scooter into the back of estate or MPV type vehicles.

The hoists come with specific mounting frames for each vehicle and while designing the kits every effort has been made by the manufacturer to ensure that in most cases all seats can still be used when the hoist itself is not in use. For instance if you had a large load that needed to go into the vehicle or if you needed all the seats for a family outing the hoist can be easily removed and replaced.

These hoists are of the same design and if you purchase a 100kg hoist but later change the mobility vehicle you are lifting to a heavier model you can upgrade the motor to a 150kg.

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